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Wyo Philly Food Truck Menu

Our Story 

Where Philly "MEATS" Wyoming 

We take cards!

90 seconds from order to service!

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Skip the line call in before 10:00 AM for your order of 5 or morec! Exact cash with 20% service charge, thank you. 

307 797 6080

No mushrooms - No cheese wiz - Slow roasted brisket, stuffed in a 7-inch soft roll, covered with smoked peppers and onions and topped with our famous queso bravo cheese sauce.

Served with fresh kettle chips.

Add Bacon to anything for $1.00.  MMM - Wyo Philly bacon samich! 

Customers favorites - Christmas brisket nachos! Fresh kettle chips topped with slow-roasted brisket smothered in queso bravo cheese sauce and sweet homemade BBQ sauce. 

Not a Philly from Philly we are the Wyoming Philly a true western samich.  We take slow-roasted brisket stuffed it in a seven-inch hoagie bun topped it with smoked peppers and onions and smother it all with a white queso bravo cheese sauce, served with fresh kettle chips. 

Over 15 years of serving our famous brisket in Casper Wyoming we decided to take our famous samich on the road to the food starved towns in Wyoming with the Wyoming Philly wagon, follow us on Facebook to see where we will be next! 

Wyo Philly Nacho's

Wyo Philly Nacho's $12.00

philly sandwich on a toasted bun with melted cheese, steak and peppers

Wyo Philly Sandwich $12.00

BBQ Brisket Sandwich

BBQ Brisket Sandwich $12.00

Brisket Nacho's

Brisket Nacho's $12.00

Philly or Brisket Christmas Nachos

Philly or Brisket Christmas Nachos $13.00

Philly or Brisket Quesadilla

Philly or Brisket Cheese Quesadilla $12.00


Natrona county serve safe trained employees.
Lincensed, insured, and bonded.